Ha Plants

Ha Plants creates opportunities to enjoy cut flowers and plants in new ways. As the world evolves, our home life increasingly needs us to improvise, live in smaller spaces and coexist with nature in a responsible way. This flora-focused series responds to these changes, combining intelligent design with humour and a lively spirit.

The vases and planters are designed for flower arrangements and interior planting, while possessing forms and dimensions that allow for experimentation and play. The aim is to nurture an appreciation for not only the beauty of cut flowers, but a range of greenery from all corners of the natural world. Even a single leaf or sprig has the power to brighten our mood, taking us one step closer to nature.


Tuba and Fruit vases

Released to mark the launch of the Ha brand, the Tuba and Fruit vases embody the concept of “inspired by a love of nature”. Designed to celebrate the simple act of collecting and arranging greenery, the versatile porcelain objects range from a micro vase to a large double planter, catering to various spaces and settings. They can also be used to hold candles and stationery, among other items.  

Tuba (S)

Small vase for cut flowers

Tuba (M)

Medium planter with vase

Tuba (L)

Double planter

Using Ha vases

Planting herbs and plants

Ha Plants includes two vessels designed with planting in mind. The medium Tuba pairs a planter with a vase, allowing you to grow herbs and plants alongside colourful arrangements. Meanwhile, the large Tuba is a double planter perfect for bringing nature into your living spaces. Both vessels are sized to accommodate the small pot plants available in garden centres and supermarkets. 

Arranging flowers and greenery

Kasia Borowiecka is the creative mind behind Cosmos&Plums, a London-based floral design studio with a versatile approach working across creative disciplines such as video, still life photography, sculpture and installation. Borowiecka has the unique ability to style flowers to match any occasion or request, using sustainably produced seasonal flowers, found flora, fruit, vegetables and whatever else she has at hand. For the past few years, she has used Ha vases in a range of settings, providing inspiration for floral creations of various styles. Follow her recent projects here.