Ha’ gives us the opportunity to enjoy cut flowers and plants in new ways. Our home life increasingly needs us to improvise, live in smaller spaces and coexist with nature in a responsible way. Ha’ products respond to these changes, combining intelligent design with humour and a lively spirit.

Ultimately, our aim is to produce products that reflect historic material values but are intended for the way people live with plants and flowers today, perhaps appreciating fewer flowers or even a single leave.

Manufactured in fine quality porcelain using traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques, not only do Ha’ products offer opportunities to bring nature into the home but they do so in a way that will last, using the timeless material of ceramic.

Although primarily intended for use with cut flowers or planting, we would like people to improvise with how they use our objects, discover new possibilities we didn’t know they had. Consequently their forms are dimensioned with care to give as much creative freedom as possible.

Ha’ porcelain is the result of a collaboration between Sebastian Bergne and Tokyo Saikai. It combines traditional porcelain manufacturing skills from southern Japan with a clear creative vision.

Where we are from

Ha’ porcelain comes from Hasami in Nagasaki, one of the most respected ceramic producing areas in Japan with a 400 year history. Local workshops in Hasami and the neighbouring town or Arita have collaborated to overcome the technical challenges involved in producing these unusual designs to the highest quality.

The process of manufacturing begins with the raw material itself, through prototyping, mould making, casting, finishing and ends with the firing of these fine porcelain objects.

Throughout the process the best in high technology and traditional craft combine to produce everyday products for a global customer that cares about objects that will last for generations.

These images show the local area around Hasami and Arita, its beauty and nature. We see glimpses of the many factories in the region. Some large, some small but each with an important part to play in the manufacturing process.

Sebastian Bergne

Sebastian Bergne is renowned for making everyday objects special with his essential and human approach to design.

He and his team work as an external design facility to international brands, as designer, art director and supplier of special projects to retailers and individuals or as producer of his collection of personal editions.

Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1990, he founded his studio in the same year. His achievements have since been widely recognised with international design awards, frequent publications, exhibitions and inclusion in museum collections such as The Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Design Museum (London). His wealth of experience makes him sought after as a curator, lecturer and commentator on design. For more…